20 March 2011


Long time no see, Spring! How are you?! Oh, I am trying for not blaming Even and Venea (glance at a notebook and a modem). Well, I'll blame me myself for not visiting you so long. Sorry, Spring.

So, I wanna tell you something, Spring. This is about my plan. My dream. You know that I am a crazy dreamer huh?! But this dream is not really crazy. It is not as crazy as the dream about Jimbo. Please don't tell anybody about it. It is embarrassed. 

Ok! This is the plan. I have a plan to have one more friend. Just like you but not definitely like you. She will be your friend too because I think you also need someone to talk to and to gather with. Actually, I have found one. Her name is Lingua. She is kind and smart. I hope you like her. No! I won't leave you, Spring. I swear. You're still the best friend I ever have. You know all about me. Lingua won't replace you because I only share about my language knowledge and that's all. Alright, Spring. I have to go now. I'll tell you more stories next time. I'll introduce Lingua to you, too. Keep cheering up people's life with your spirit, Spring. I love you. Bye for now.

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