7 December 2010

Europe oh Europe

Europe oh Europe I'm in love
The love is big and creates a hope
I'm standing in front  of your door and begin to knock
I keep knocking but the door's still locked

Europe oh Europe I bring my heart
Just take it away don't make it hurts

Europe oh Europe please hold me tight
I come to you please treat me right
Just smile at me on your face so bright
It makes my life full of joy and light

Europe oh Europe this is my heart
Let it be one with yours don't let them apart


  1. wah!
    aq ktemu poems anak didiknya Shakespare!

    btw.tulisan 'shakespare' w bnr g c??ahaha

  2. Bukan anak didiknya Mbah Shakespeare tapi anak didiknya Mbah Putri Ayu Perwita.